Friday, February 12, 2016

Monitium Review: The Next Evolution In MLM?

In this Monitium Review I am going to give you a very revealing and absolutely objective breakdown of a company that just might be either the next evolution of the network marketing business model or one that is destined to go down in flames.

What is Monitium?

Monitium is a company which actually negotiates on behalf of the distributor base with MLM Network Marketing companies in order to structure relationships which they believe will significantly reduce the risk to both the network marketing business builder as well as the MLM

When I first decided to write this Monitium Review I was skeptical about how they could actually pull this off but what I learned in my research is that Monitium has actually built a proprietary platform where the main focus is in the training, development, and recruitment of the network marketing team and not the marketing of a particular product.

Now this is the information that I have found in my research but make sure to keep in mind that quite frankly this whole concept is still in the realm of theory. This company is brand new and if you know anything about the MLM Network Marketing industry you will know that 90% of new companies do not hit their third year anniversary.

So now that I have dosed you with a nice fresh cup of reality let’s take a look and see what Monitium is bringing to the table:
Company itself.

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